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This morning. Sheer bliss.


Copies of The Times of India and The Hindu started being thrown up our stairs once again, complete with wrinkles. I did think about getting out the iron, but then decided against it...

This morning. The second page in The Times of India. Look at it. Do you know another newspaper that does this kind of thing - regularly?

Just look at the graphics and information so carefully prepared for me. "A set of facts to clear the most common misperceptions about migration." I've poured over them. So fascinating.

Having offered such praise, is the heading next to #2 correct? I am a bit confused by this one.

"Eat your heart out, The New Zealand Herald. I saw one of you at the airport in Singapore on Saturday. Dear, oh dear. What have you done to yourself?!"

nice chatting



Clayton Tv said…
Hi Paul,
We'd like to use an photo we found on your blog that you took of John Stott's grave for a powerpoint in a sermon on Psalm 49 at Jesmond Parish Church to be shown on Clayton.TV, a Christian TV Internet site. Would it be OK for us to use it?
Many thanks Zoe Earnshaw
Paul said…
No worries - thanks for asking, Zoe


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