four by four

Over the years of writing this blog I have avoided posting links to sermons I've preached. It doesn't suit the genre to which I have been committed - namely, 'nice chatting'. This blog is about chatting away to myself about things I am 'unpacking' around me. I do this for my own benefit, helping to keep my mind critical and creative - but I also love to resource and serve others and so I let them peek over my shoulder as I do so.

With this post, I thought I'd make a quiet little exception. Over the years there are two talks which I have given which have sparked ongoing conversations with people. Both talks originated with efforts to help youth pastors in New Zealand engage more fully with the Bible.

I call one of them The Four ChairsI posted on this one just a few months ago. It has expanded over the years, but basically it is an interactive way to tell the biblical story - and then to understand it and live in it as well, as the first steps towards developing a biblical worldview. [In three hours I will be giving this talk to 50 grassroots Telugu-speaking preachers here in Hyderabad...].

The other one is called The Four Quadrants. Here I play with who Jesus is (grace & truth) and what Jesus says (salt & light) - finding in them the tension to keep alive as we join with God in his mission in the world. Very simple - maybe even simplistic, but I'll take that risk. I use economic ideas when it comes to applying the talk - graphs and forecasts, audits and assets.

Back in March I spoke at a mission conference in the USA. I gave both of these talks and they were recorded and put on the church's website. Here are links to them, if you are interested:

Click The Four Chairs
Click The Four Quadrants

nice chatting, this time with a 4 by 4!



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