monument valley

I am trying to do it more often.

On those occasions when Barby is able to travel with me, we are stealing a few days and going off together to enjoy the sights a bit. Earlier this week, after arriving in Phoenix, we headed up to Flagstaff ('up' is the operative word - 7230 feet up!). I had been there 38 years earlier when I took my $99 Greyhound Bus from Chicago to LA, after saying good-bye to Barby. This time she was with me. A welcome change.

After a day in nearby Sedona, we set off on the 3 hour drive up to Monument Valley, just inside the Utah border (where the first thing to be seen, almost, was a Mormon church). It is famous for providing movies and commercials with a memorable backdrop - but it is also a centerpiece of the Navajo nation.

My, oh my?! Reminiscent of the visit to Scotland last year (photos here and here), I couldn't soak up the scenery enough. A visual buffet of substantial proportions. I gorged myself on what filled the horizon - and have spent a fair bit of time proseltyzing Americans ever since - because so many have never been there!

Each rock-mountain is named. This one is 'the mittens'. I thought a little juxtaposition might help...

This is 'totem pole'. [Check out Clint Eastwood in The Eiger Sanction].
This is something like 'snoopy-on-his-back'.

nice chatting



Rhett said…
Emma loved the photos. She said she'd never ever seen a real desert before.
It is quite different from the Desert Road - and it does have a beauty of its own. Much love to Emma from us both (and the rest of you!).
Unknown said…
Wow! Great shots - love the comparisons: mitten and Snoopy. What a great Creator we have. So glad you have these moments to share together. Love to you both. RnD

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