transforming august

As a child August was kinda bland with a pinch of boring. Indian Independence Day came along, bang in the middle (15th), and after an early flag-raising anthem-singing service, the rest of the day was a holiday. Excellent. But that was pretty much it for August.

Not much for a sentimental chap like me. But then, ever so gradually, four generations have conspired together to fill this forgettable month with significance.

Along came Barby, with a birthday on the 6th and my wife now for more than 33 years. After sharing our childhood in India the idea of sharing our lives together only gained momentum after we left India. But that is exactly what we are doing... Here is Barby adding some beauty to a cottage in Murree, a beautiful place in the Pakistani Himalayas.
The sixth will never be the same

After two years of marriage the children started arriving every two years. We are forever grateful for God blessing us in this way. Plus, a wonderfully 'long straight' was emerging, with family birthdays in June, August, September, October, November. Add a July and a December and we'd have a run of seven. But Bethany couldn't wait for December (30 November) ... and Joseph? Well, Joseph wasn't even close to July, joining his Mum in August by arriving on the 26th. Here he is using his vertical leap - the guy has 'hops', let me tell you - to diversify the sky above a Northland beach in NZ.
The twenty sixth will never be the same

But transforming is not just about thanksgiving and blessing. Sometimes there is sadness and lament. The minor key joins the major key in the music of life. And so it came to pass. On the 10th, just four years ago, my precious Dad died after a lingering struggle with Parkinson's. Here he is in a church in Geneva (Illinois), looking so well as he prepares his speech at our wedding.
The tenth will never be the same

As the years have gone by our little ones got all growed up. Our daughter became a mum. And just last year, Alyssa and Tim - together with big brudder, Micah - welcomed a little baby girl on the 2nd. Amaliya Grace. Here she is in a home and in a family that loves and adores her. Just what every child needs in order to thrive.
The second will never be the same

When all is said and done (and there will be more saying and doing to be said and done), these are august transformations indeed. Bland and boring be gone. The month can never be the same again.

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