skye watch

Sometimes a Lone Person is better than a Lonely Planet.

With just a day in our schedule to explore the Scottish Highlands that Lone Person for us was Graham Slater, a dedicated 'Munro-bagger' (NB: a Munro is a mountain in Scotland over 3000' and Graham has 'bagged', or climbed, all 282 of them - and is now up to 70 on his second time around!).

Graham knows his stuff. He directed us to the Isle of Skye and left us with two words: Elgol (on Skye) and Applecross (across from Skye). Off we went, dutifully obedient - and then delightfully overwhelmed. WOW. The sun never shone through - but it didn't seem to matter...

the view from elgol

the view from applecross 

Oh yes - and the road into Elgol ain't too bad either...

And what about the road into Applecross? Goodness deary me...

nice chatting and watching
(and thanks, Graham)



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