nilgiri tea plantations

I have fallen in love ... with tea plantations. Given that I am a teetotaller (as in totally-tea, I guess), one day I plan to eschew the pub-crawl in favour of a plantation-crawl around South Asia. Sri Lanka. Nilgiris. Darjeeling. Assam. Any takers?!

You don't think I am serious, do you?
You don't know me :).

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Mark Hunt said…
Marian says she's in for the plantation crawl.

Goodies said…
I'm going to Sri Lanka next summer--tea plantations are on our list! Thanks, Paul, for confirming that they will be worth keeping on our itinerary!
Paul Windsor said…
OK, M&Ms - name the time and let's get this crawl under way.
Paul Windsor said…
Goodies - maybe you can beat me to the trip I'd love to do. I've been to Kandy a couple of times, but it is the train trip from Kandy to Badula (with a side-trip to Nuwara Eliya) that I am lining up to do one day. Best wishes.
Devans lodhi said…
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