preaching before dawn

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to contribute by skype into a UK seminar. The topic was Evangelistic Preaching and it was organised by Roger Carswell.

[For those of you in New Zealand, Roger is the father of Ben Carswell who pastors Hutt City Baptist Church and is on the staff of Tertiary Students Christian Fellowship ... and a great mate of mine. Then it was Jonathan, Ben's brother, who interviewed me. He is Managing Director of 10ofThose, an innovative Christian book distributor. Well worth a look].

The interview was conducted at 4.30am (Indian time).
[I selected the time, by the way]

It appeared on youtube and when I watched it, I realised that the 30 minutes contained a lot of the stuff that is important to me in training preachers - and so I thought I'd post it on my blog.

nice chatting



Ben Carswell said…
You're too kind Paul...I'm glad you've put allowed this video to be made public. It's gold from the house of Windsor.
Paul RW said…
I really enjoyed this opportunity to chat away with Jonathan. Always a little reluctant to post this kind of material. Personally, I like to be one step further back from the posts. But when I watched it, I realised how many of my convictions did cram their way into this 30 minutes.

All the best. I think and pray for you often. I look forward to the day when I see the pastor-evangelist-teacher in action.

From Hong Kong - where I've been marooned for a few days :).
Josh Irving said…
Thanks, Paul. You packed a lot in there! Lots of it overflowing to my suitcase too.
Andrew Butcher said…
Superb. I watched it once intently. I will watch it again and take notes. And I have sent it on to our preaching team as well.
jonah cherla said…
There is lot to learn in this subject. I like the way Paul questioned, What is the gospel? The total biblical story is the gospel. The four parts he explained Good, Bad, New and Perfect was really good. I am glad that I am part of DMin to hear all this from you. Praise God.

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