huia heritage

Six generations of my family have loved 'Little Huia' - west of Auckland, on the road to Whatipu. It is nestled in an unspectacular valley which finds its way down to a nondescript beach - but we love it.

On the road
50 years ago, with my grandma and siblings, pointing the way on the walk up from the beach.

Two weeks ago, with my wife and children on the walk down to the beach
(NB: taken just meters from the first photo).

At the bach/cottage
45 years ago, grandma with grandson (and grand-daughters) out the front of Uncle Grahame's bach.

Two weeks ago, grandma with grandson out the back of Uncle Grahame's bach.

Up Jackie's Peak
45 years ago, with assorted family members looking out across the bay
(my mum at the back right and her dad - after whom I am named ('Royston') - in the middle)

One year ago, with my mum looking back the other way
(she climbed the peak at 81 years of age!)

nice chatting



Paul said…
that it is, tkr - you need to go out there some time.

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