four years with langham

This week marks the end of my fourth year working with Langham Preaching. My focus has been on the countries of Asia and the Pacific. Our purpose is not just to train preachers, but to train trainers of preachers - so that a movement can spread, like a 'benevolent virus' (as Chris Wright describes it).

The role to which I was appointed was developed because the work in Asia was not moving ahead like the other regions of the majority world. Four years ago there were just two countries in Asia where the work was established. Today there are nine such countries, with the possibility of a tenth to be explored later today when I fly from Hong Kong to Manila.

As visual evidence of this progress under God's gracious hand, here are photos of groups of people from five of those countries who have moved to the 'training of trainers' stage. I will leave the countries unnamed for security reasons...

nice chatting



not a wild hera said…
My heart swells at this. Well done, you.

It's particularly wonderful to see all those women in the photos.

Keep up the excellent work!
Paul said…
Thanks, tkr

Only one country gets close to a 50:50 ratio in men:women in terms of the people I am involved in training - but I am always encouraged to see those who do show up and pray that God will open doors for them.


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