smiley and laughey

After my grumps and glooms, I was watching the Footy Show out of Sydney (for the first time in years) with Barby last night and this segment appeared. May it bring you as many smiles and laughs as it has done for me - although that will be unlikely:
Cut and paste and split your sides with me.

And I might add that underneath the sporting humour this 5 minutes could benefit from some deeper cultural exegesis. In this smorgasbord of juvenile reflection on sport, politics, music, and media - there are all kinds of windows on the world:

1. beauty
[did I hear that the babies of celebrities are more beautiful than other babies?]

2. relationships
[did I hear a sharp conscience about cheating on girlfriends?]

3. media
[did I hear an ease in the recognition of tv shows and their personalities?]

4. culture
[did I hear a perception of cultural difference, starting with wrestling and burger size?]

5. power
[did I hear an expression of hatred towards a political leader?]

6. music
[did I hear a capacity to live within the narrative of contemporary music?]

7. community
[did I hear 'under-9s' being affirmed and valued by a distant generation?]

8. communication
[did I hear - and see - the value of image supplementing word?]

maybe you can hear even more...

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