appetising menus

I have started a collection...

My favourite menu entries from the places to which I travel. I'd like to say that I eat them before I photograph them, but that would be an untruth. And the fuzziness is due to my difficulties with the elementary facts of camera focus, rather than any peristaltic fussiness in my alimentary canal.

All the best for your dinner tonight.

nice chatting



Anonymous said…
I was always disappointed you wouldn't share the family bowel last year but maybe you will be braver in June? Paul B
Jo said…
My favourite is chicken 'Gordon blur'.. last seen on the menu in the Houses of Parliament as a Labour leader hybrid..
Paul said…
Paul B - the arrangement remains as it was: you eat the 'snakes' and I'll consume the 'family bowel'.

And yes, Jo, I guess that Gordon Blur's time as PM does seem a blur now. I confess that I wondered if a conflation was in mind - say, Gordon Blair, for example.

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