words working well

Don't ever tell me that the power of words has diminished.

Don't ever tell me that the age in which monologue is effective has ceased.

Don't ever tell me that words which sound nice together cannot be compelling.

Don't ever tell me that phrase-crafting and word-smithing and picture-painting is not worth the effort.

Have a look and listen to this (16 million views in one week):

And maybe even more compelling is this one on 'sexual healing':

And if you want to create an assignment on pluralism, or have a great inter-faith conversation, how about the response to the first clip from a Muslim?

nice chatting (thanks, Martin)



Rhett said…
I reckon you should preach your next sermon in this style Paul! :-)

Here's another one which I liked a bit more than the "Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus" video.
Rhett said…
Whoops, here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d2BW_yButTk
ben said…
Joel Mckerrow was one that I thought was amazing. If you can get past his accent, his three part "confessions" is quite moving, especially part 3 "For the Christian part of me"

Part one: For the rich part of me

Part two: For the white part of me

Part three: For the Christian part of me
Tim & Lizzy said…
Thanks for posting, agree with your love of words!
Lots of internet comments on this video; helpful comments from DeYoung here:
and here:

And another video from Bethke here:
Paul said…
Thanks, Rhett and Ben - I wouldn't know about these things unless you pointed them out to me.

And Tim, I am particularly glad to be aware of this interchange with Kevin deYoung (whose books I have appreciated). I agree with the points he makes. I guess I was simply commenting on the power of the spoken word and should have gone on to make a few theological comments...

The third site with his interchange with Bethke is very moving. Both of them handled themselves very well.


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