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I am always on the look-out for changes happening in the world around us...

With a F1 Grand Prix in India today (who would have thought it possible?!), my mind started buzzing overtime. How has the list of countries hosting F1 races changed over the years? How might this reflect the shifts in power - particularly, economic power - in the grand narrative which is the global story?

So I decided to compare 1981 with 2011 - a neat thirty year gap.

The countries which hosted a grand prix in 1981 and 2011 are:
Brazil, Belgium, Monaco, Spain, Britain, Germany, Italy, and Canada.

The countries which hosted a grand prix in 1981, but not 2011 are:
USA (twice), Argentina, San Marino, France, Austria, and the Netherlands. [NB: I think the USA comes back in 2012 - but interesting that it was twice in 1981].

The countries which hosted a grand prix in 2011, but not in 1981 are:
Australia, Malaysia, China, Turkey, 'Europe', Bahrain (although cancelled through political unrest), Hungary, Singapore, Japan, Korea, India, and Abu Dhabi.

Is that fascinating, or is that fascinating?!
The centre of gravity for the grand prix has moved decisively eastwards and southwards, away from Europe and towards Asia - following the grand narrative of the global economy ... and the global church!

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