An old hymn has been getting under my skin and taking over my heart. I have no knowledge of ever hearing it before, until it was part of a medley of recordings of my Dad singing that was played at the beginning of his funeral service.

[NB: You can hear just three of the four verses (naughty, naughty!) being sung right at the very beginning of the link to the service here - http://vimeo.com/27844875].

But here are the words. I had been searching for them and then my brother just produced them yesterday. The hymn is written by Ada Habershon, an influential figure in the life of DL Moody, and it is simply called 'Longings'.

I long to know Thee better, day by day,
I want to draw much closer when I pray;
To listen more intently for Thy voice,
To let the things Thou choosest, be my choice.

I long to serve Thee better, hour by hour,
Depending more entirely on Thy power;
I want to know more fully all Thy will,
To count upon each promise and be still.

I long to keep more closely at Thy side,
To worship in Thy presence and abide;
I want to rest more calmly in Thy care,
Assured that Thou will keep me safely there.

I long to find new beauties in Thy word,
To follow in the footsteps of my Lord;
And, oh, the dearest longing through Thy grace,
Is that mine eyes may see Thee face to face.

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