dad 1928-2011

After a long battle with Parkinson's, Dad died at home yesterday in the company of his family - with the sun streaming through the window as the Hallelujah Chorus filled the room.

If you would like to read the story of Dad's life, people around the world have been appreciating a little book by Mary Tallon - Surprised by Obedience.

The easiest way to purchase it is by using the Book Depository's free postage service at this
link here.

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PS: the full funeral service can be viewed here:


Mark Maffey said…
Hi Paul,

You,Barby and your extended family are deeply in my prayers. I am gladdened that your Dad was able to go peacefully into a better place,the hole he leaves in all of your lives is going to be unable to be replaced.

Having said this what he leaves you with is a rich heritage of Christian Faith and a baton which has already been picked up to continue the race.

I am sure that his Godly example will be one that many will want to use as a model. Whilst we cannot replicate everything he was, our task is to pick up the 1, 2 or 5 God Given talents and not bury them.

May God bring to your mind many amazing memories to cherish about
your Dad, and may they bring you comfort in this time. I am sure Monday will be a fitting commemoration and celebration of his life. As Timothy had his grandmother Lois as an example (1 Tim 3v9)you have your Dad. Kia Kaha.
Paul said…
Thanks, Mark

We had a wonderful service on Monday. It started with Nimrod (Enigma Variations, Elgar) booming through the church as sound and visual, with grand-daughters placing wreaths on the casket ... and then contributions from my Mum, each of us kids, and some of the grand-kids. I preached on Romans 10.9-18 ... and then, of course, there were the hymns. In all of life there is nothing quite like singing great hymns at the funeral services of great Christians. It is the best.

Paul said…
A video of the funeral service for my Dad is available at this link:


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