I feel sad today, really sad.

As if being a country where foreign forces fight a war on your own soil is not enough...

As if having the worst air disaster ever to occur in your history is not enough (and having it happen in sight of your country's capital)...

As if being ravaged by the worst floods in your country's history is not enough (and without the outpouring of compassion to which other countries are accustomed)...

... then your country's cricket team gets caught up in a betting scandal that brings shame on your people, confirming to many that your country is a place where corruption is endemic and out of control.

And all of it happening in a matter of weeks.

Yes, Yes, Yes - I know #4 is not in the same league as #1 through #3. Not even close. It is a very light and simple straw - but today it feels like it is breaking the camel's back.

I know a bit about that part of the world and the mixture of anger (for those thinking wrongful accusation has been made) and shame (for those thinking rightful accusation has been made) will be deep and wide and intense.

It just isn't fair.

And all this from a missionary kid raised in India.

nice chatting (I think)



Rhett said…
If only it was Australia, eh?

...#4, I mean.
Paul said…
Some good sense from the Aussie, Matthew Hayden.
Greg said…
I thought this was well considered too.

After the challenges Geoff Lawson had as coach, it says something about the man to be able to write with compassion like this.

It does seem like a perfect storm of trouble for Pakistan. I agree, its just not fair ... like so much in this world.

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