my niece is an author

Yes, a serious author.
So serious that you really should check her out.

Jasmine May Dodson has written and illustrated the most gorgeous little children's book. It is called The Fancy Fable of the Fairy's Frock.

Check out this page:

"Left and right they looked
and cocked their heads
for the way they had come
was now gobbled up by the snow
as were all the other trails.
They now found themselves
in an unfortunate conundrum
when obligingly at that moment
a scratching of the friendly variety
was heard in the periphery.
A wee nose emerged from the snowflakes."

Isn't that just beautiful?! Conundrum? Periphery? How can she get away with those words with kids? She does and she will because the imagery in word and in picture is so exquisite that it will hold the kids - and adults will keep on reading for the additional intrigue in the vocabulary. I loved the way my eyes feasted, my imagination fired, and my mind engaged all the way through the storyline. It is a remarkable piece of literature.

The book is available from Amazon with the link mentioned above. ISBN 978-0-473-15642-8. However a website (for NZ orders, in particular) is being constructed which will be easier and quicker: Don't wait for Christmas. Be in.

I know I shouldn't say this - but it is my blog so I can say whatever I like thank-you very much :) It is Beatrix-Potter-esque, that is what it is.

Jasmine is one talented young woman.

nice chatting

Jasmine May Dodson's uncle
(I am famous)


Anonymous said…
I loved your niece's work when she displayed it at Cosset -
I really wanted to buy a tee-shirt but it ran out in my sizes can you let her know Im still keen :)
See you're both supper supper famous :b

(I was trying to google search for her but found no other website to contact her looking down the results so far)

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