word + prayer = worship

Saying that there are Anglicans in Langham Partnership is like saying there are All Black fans in New Zealand (oops, maybe that analogy is breaking down - I hear things aren't going so well on the rugby front back home ... although Southland keeps winning - surely that is all that really matters, isn't it?).

Anyhow - back to those Anglicans. In these early months of my new job I find myself being oriented to many things Anglican. For example, this week in Australia I have been intrigued by what has followed the sermon/message - on three occasions and counting.

As an act of worship in response to the preaching of the Word someone comes forward and prays a long prayer. While the sermon is happening someone is "taking notes and getting ready to turn those notes into prayers". Then up they get to pray.

If it is done half the time just half as well as Arthur did it in Ridley College's chapel service the other day, count me in. I found it very moving. Lots of pleas and passion as God is beseeched to make his Word true in our lives. I've loved it.

It would keep a few preachers on edge in their preparation as well!

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KiwiChronicles said…
you can't say you weren't warned. as one baptist to another you just got to keep in mind, no matter how good their preaching/note taking and praying practice might be, that they wear dresses in church too ;o)
Rhett said…
Don't do it Paul! :-)

Seriously though, I've noticed that Anglican's really seem to pump out influential thinkers/theologians. Stott, Packer, Lloyd-Jones, the Wright "brothers".

Is it something in the (holy) water?
Paul Windsor said…
i've been a closet anglican for years ... but when push comes to shove it is "genus:evangelical species:baptist". Keep praying for me, rhett.

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