langham delights

It is not every year that you can spend consecutive weeks in places as diverse as the Solomon Islands and Pakistan (with an exactly 50hr door-to-door trip in between!). But that is what Langham Preaching gave me the opportunity to do - and here are my favourite photos:

rembrandt in honiara

gender-specific open-air collaborative learning

"it is a truth universally acknowledged ..." that children are beautiful

the other incarnation

when calligraphy meets sermon
(a participant's proposal for an outline on Amos 3 & 4)

some things never change

nice chatting - well, viewing anyway



KiwiChronicles said…
love the pics: esp. the top one! :)
you are a hard case, mr shudall!

did i tell you that i like it too? it is just SO like rembrandt.
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Miriam J said…
Paul! Delighted to see your picture of the Bible with the title "The Other Incarnation"! :-)

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