is jesus homeless?

I came into my little study this morning to find my "Jesus is homeless" bag in the rubbish basket. What?! Who has done this?! Further investigation is made and I discover that my wife is responsible. Gulp?!

'Please tell me why'.

'It is theologically incorrect.'


So methinks about it for awhile.

I believe Barby is right. Jesus is not homeless. Far from it. Not only does John 14 make it clear that he has a home in heaven which he is preparing for those who are his, but 1 Cor 3 (and elsewhere) would suggest that Jesus makes his home in the hearts of those who are his right now - whenever they gather, wherever they are.

The 'Jesus is homeless' idea comes from a desire to demonstrate that Jesus has compassion for the homeless and because he walks this world enfleshed in his people, so should his people. However is it not a little ironic - even self-defeating - to announce this concern by speaking of the homelessness of Jesus? Quite the contrary. As the homeless who are his gather together, Jesus actually makes his home among them. WOW! What a truth...

Meanwhile those who have homes who are his consider that part of their mission task in the world today is to provide homes for the homeless. This is done with the hope not just that the homeless will be 'homed' but that they will respond positively to the gospel which motivated this 'homing' activity as they hear it shared with them ... so that they too will join Jesus in his John 14 home one day.

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Dale Campbell said…
Nice post, sir.

A book that you might enjoy on this (which I keep meaning to get) is "Beyond Homelessness" by Brian J. Walsh (and another author, I think?).

He did a day-seminar at City-Side a year or so ago on the content - and it was excellent.
Andy said…
"An excellent wife who can find? She is far more precious than jewels. The heart of her husband trusts in her,and he will have no lack of gain." Prov 31:10-11

well done Barbi, well said Paul.
Paul said…
An excellent reflection, as always.

Perhaps the bag should read, "Jesus was homeless"

Rich Mullin's 'You did not have a home' communicates this compassion and identification quite nicely too. It's a facet of Christ's humanity we affluent westerners dare not forget.
Buddy said…
So what was the final state of the bag? Redeemed of recycled?
Andrew said…
Barby is SO wise :) My question is how do you hold the tension between the truth of John 14 and the reality of the injustice of homelessness so that this doesn't descend into just spiritual good news - "you'll get pie in the sky when you die in the sweet by and by..."? This is a genuine question not a critique.
Paul said…
I guess you need look no further than ML King. A classic example of how the certain hope in that 'sweet by and by' can galvanise someone to work for justice in the here and now.

It is a common question, Andrew. I think it troubles many people - and yet within the total biblical framework it is a pretty straightforward response. The Jesus of John 14 is the Jesus of the "least of these" in Matt 25. We need to conform our understandings to this shape ... as I am sure you are doing!
Andrew said…
Yeah, MLK is a great example of Jhn 14 and Mt 25 coming together. I love the African Spiritual "Down by the Riverside" for the great future hope it captures in the Holy City of Revelaton and the way it inspired people to overcome injustices of "Babylon" such as racial segregation.

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