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If you are committed to the ministry of biblical preaching in New Zealand please read on...

As I shift into a role with Langham Preaching and devote myself to helping nurture biblical preaching movements in the countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America, I have been reminded of how helping to facilitate such a movement here in New Zealand has been a dream of mine for two decades. With us being based in NZ for a few years this seems a good time to give it a crack.

So Langham Partnership New Zealand is sponsoring a forum on April 18th which we've called Towards a Kiwi-made Preaching. More than 25 experienced and emerging preachers will provoke us with questions from their own wrestling with preaching in this NZ context. We are so grateful for the commitment of people like Mark Strom (Laidlaw), Murray Robertson (Spreydon Baptist), Lynne Baab (University of Otago), Nigel Pollock (TSCF), and Bishop Winston Halapua (Anglican). But there are a whole bunch of up-and-comers as well. It will be a fabulous and unashamed talkfest. Then at the end of the day there will be an optional session where we will ask 'what is the Spirit saying?' about some sort of ongoing focus on preaching in NZ.

Please register with Alyssa ( and as soon as we have the Questions finalised we will circulate them to those registered, enabling them to make their selections from the smorgasbord.

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Nigel Pollock said…
I think this has the potential to be an event of great significance for the encouragement of preaching which is thoroughly biblical yet entirely relevant.

I long to see a new generation of creative communicators raised in Aotearoa who are unashamed of the gospel and excited by the transforming effect of the word of God, through the Spirit of God by the Grace of God to the People of God.

This is exciting Paul!
Ali said…
I'm glad to see you've included Andrew Picard. I really appreciate his preaching and I'm not even in NZ anymore!
Paul said…
Yes, I am pleased to have Andrew involved - as well as a whole bunch of younger preachers that are coming 'through the ranks.' I can't wait to see them all in the same room together.

And the endorsement of respected leaders like Nigel here is also very encouraging. I am sensing a bit of a buzz building for this event.

I hear of churches planning to send their entire preaching teams. That is great news. About 25 probing Questions will be asked over five sessions. So if a team of five people come from a church they can spread themselves out and take in every Question.

Registration forms will be available from Alyssa by the end of this week (February 13th). We will cap numbers for each Question so please register early.

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