now we are eight

With our move into a global mission role with Langham Partnership International (LPI), I have been busy writing our first letter and trying to track down the friends we have gathered over the years.
[There may well be regular readers of this blog who would like to receive our letter ... if so, drop me an email at and I will add you to the list.]

But with the writing of this first letter - and the inclusion of some family news - I am conscious that we are a family of eight. We welcome Timothy Hart into our family as he and our daughter, Alyssa, prepare to be married later this year. They became engaged in September and then four days later he was off to Liberia, not returning until July. We are very proud of him! We've been drip-fed photos - none better than these two:

The first showing the joy of being with the children. The second showing the sadness of being in a troubled country wrecked by war.

You can read more and see more photos from Timothy on his blog:

nice chatting



ryan said…
Whoah! These photos are awesome!
red dirt said…
I deduce that the person who took the first one is quite a bit cooler than the person who took the second one.
norman buildings said…
I could say so many clever things right now, but I'll restrain myself out of respect for Mr. Windsor.

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