a cricketing retirement (sort of)

After 24 years of hanging-out with NZ Baptists I was farewelled as Principal of Carey Baptist College at last week's Baptist Assembly.
Me ol' mate Andrew Picard was one who gave a speech using various cricketing jargon to get his point across. A fellow cricket fan, Andrew had even contacted the Black Caps (the NZ cricket team) in Bangladesh and got them all to sign a T-shirt for me and send it back to NZ. GULP?! He then presented it to me on the night... how cool is that? I even have photos to prove it!

These might be the best available images of the Black Caps for the next few weeks as they are about to take on the might of a wounded Australia. Just as well I am over here in rural Ohio for two weeks (speaking at a missions' conference in my father-in-law's church) with limited access to news... Still - I reckon they'll offer a shock or two along the way.

nice chatting



Matt said…
Awesome! Very jealous. We'll probably need Howe to score another couple of 170+ scores to be in with any chance of toppling the mighty canary yellow.
Laura said…
Enjoy Ohio :) We will miss ya tonight at home group!
nemoidian said…
Hi Paul,
as an avid cricket follower i couldn't help but comment. 214 all out on day one of the first test! that's australia by the way. maybe they have been inspired by you : 0
one writes this now knowing that things may not be so good by the end of the day! But that is the nature of NZ Cricket and we must take glory in the small things before they return to normal.
Andrew said…
Day one to NZ by a country mile. A day and a half of good batting and something amazing could happen... It must be the shirt!
Paul said…
Yes, I only manage to catch updates on the internet intermittently - but I see some of my predicted shocks have already occurred :)

The greatest shock of all would be if our batting line-up could chase down 200+ tomorrow. I ain't holding my breath - but I wouldn't mind watching it!!!!!

great to hear from you all

a lonely cricket-fan all alone

[although my cell-phone is finally working and so if any of you feel prompted by the Spirit - or a spirit, any spirit, for that matter - to txt me little updates, I will remember you in my will]
Lauren said…
well.... NZ is doing well at rugby union and league. Perhaps we're allowed a cricket slump. after all, none of us are good at everything (except A. Picard),,, :-)

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