before and after II

Back on May 1 I shared with you that not only had I been granted some study leave, someone had gifted me five months in a gym with a personal trainer.

I made myself accountable to you with a 'before' photo of me with the promise that I would include an 'after' photo as well, just to help inspire others among you who need to drop a few kilos.

The time with the trainer is concluded. Just as a reminder, here is that 'before' photo once again:

And now - for the first time - I am able to reveal the 'after' photo.

A nice shot in the swimming pool at the Olympic Gym (Newmarket, Auckland) where my personal trainer (Robin Leaton) has been a miracle-man, I'm sure you will agree. He is always happy to take on new clients.

nice chatting



Andy said…
It seems that your personal trainer is not only good with physical fitness but also plastic surgery.

Do you think you'll be a better preacher now with you holywood good looks?

not a wild hera said…
this is how you cool off after integrative, i see :)
Paul said…
The Integrative Seminar this year was on A Single Image Advertisement - so I am just trying to fit in with the theme as I advertise with a single image :)

Plastic surgery?! You mean you can't see the similarities between the two photos?

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