alyssa and timothy

A new season in our lives beckons with the engagement of our lovely Alyssa to Tim Hart. Barby and I couldn't be more delighted. Tim has been in and out of our home for three years and has been a friend to each one in the family long before talk of engagement commenced.

Here is my favourite photo of the two of them:

Their friendship gained momentum around a mutual love for photography. Here they are with their favourite tree, looking somewhat less alive than their friendship!

We are thrilled to see their desire to serve Jesus together forever. They are committed to expressing this service by living their lives with compassion among the global poor - so much so that Tim left for Liberia just four days after they became engaged. He will be working with two church youth groups in Monrovia ... and will be away for 12 months. They have no plans to see each other during that time. GULP?!

Ahh - there must be room for one more photo of my lovely Lys! Sure - why not?! Here she is showing off her ring.

nice chatting



Andrew said…
This is the best news! You and Barby and your family must be thrilled. Please pass on our love from Margaret and I...
not a wild hera said…
Congratulations to all concerned! What lovely news!
Definitely not Tim said…
wowses that couple is h-o-t HOT!! - their parents must be amzingly good looking :-)
Paul said…
Now Timothy (and remember this is Paul speaking so that should put the fear of God into you!) - I can recognise one of your non-de-plume strategies (or whatever that French phrase is for being deceitful and using fake names)...

BUT I am pleased to see that you can see the connection between the hot-ness of the couple and the hot-ness of the parents.

Well done. You are a skilled geneticist.

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