the kiwi psyche

OK - take a deep breath, New Zealand.
Don't panic! Hold your nerve.

The medals will come ...

... but in the meantime why not warm our hands and cheer our hearts next to the golden glow of someone else?! Here is a classic headline from this morning's newspapers. Ah, it deserves a full exegesis in search of that elusive Kiwi psyche.

nice chatting - and relishing seeing 'Kiwi' and 'golden' in the one headline!



Heather said…

I thought of your post when I woke to the news that NZ had 'won the most medals in a single day at the Olympics ever'. Phew. Now we can all feel good about ourselves again...
Paul said…
Yes, the medals did come, didn't they?! Five in seven hours is just remarkable for little New Zealand.

I stayed up to watch all five and wouldn't miss a Kiwi running for gold in the 1500m for anything.

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