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the artistry of preaching

The first sentence in the 'Series Preface' will grab any teacher of preaching.

The Artistry of Preaching series gives practical guidance on matters that receive insufficient attention in preaching literature yet are key for preachers who seek greater creative expression in their preaching (vii).

The sentence grabbed me. I bought the series. One of my deepest concerns as a teacher is to help rightly-convicted biblical expositors to be less boring, by becoming more creative. Nothing is lost by doing so - and so much can be gained. As they are such little books, ranging from 97 pages to 157 pages, I set myself the goal of reading all four of them in 2018.

For a bit of fun, here is my ranking of them in the order of my appreciation of them.
[NB: Keep an eye on those subtitles as we move through them].

I've developed a 'five corners' model for preaching, with one of the corners being 'the listener'. Issues like rapport, application and delivery receive attention…

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