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newspapers in india

When it is time to leave these shores, the newspapers in India are something I will miss. I love them. We get two every day: The Hindu and The Times of India. They provide the best newspaper-reading experience I've had anywhere, just shading the UK into second place.


First, a general response. They respect my intellect. They have not succumbed to the dumbing-down that afflicts so much of the media - be it print, online, or television - in the so-called western world. I read the NZ newspapers online, mainly the New Zealand Herald and a site, appropriately called Stuff. It is not a stimulating experience at all, with much of the content being non-news - like gossip, image, sensation and advertising. The other week I picked up a copy of the New Zealand Herald in the Dubai airport. I was shocked as I flicked through it, realising how spoilt I have become in India. This post started there.

But allow me to be a bit more specific...

Here is a page I go looking for every week. It he…

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