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to right every wrong

At any point in time I have this little stack of books I want to read. Usually there is a certain (sequential) order in mind, but when I am in peak form with my reading, books tend to be assigned to different chairs in the house ... and I read them all at the same time. However, every now and then, a queue-jumper, a chair-monopolizer, comes along. All my reading energy, in multiple chairs, goes into the one book until it is finished. This book is one such book. Goodness me, I interrupted the reading of a book, in my comfy lounge chair, on 'the making of New Delhi' in order to engage this book. That says something... Speaking of New Delhi, this is where I got to know Dave and Angie Andrews. I was in my early, impressionable, teenage years and my parents loved having these two hippies visit, even stay for a few days at a time. They had quite the impact on my siblings and me. At one point in his story Dave includes, and honours, my parents. I was so touched by this discovery, in t

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