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Edited books can often miss the mark. Maybe it is the absence of a strong plot that holds the individual pieces together. Maybe it is the uneven quality in the submissions. Maybe it is the cost. Whatever the reason, I find edited books can attract dust more readily than other books.

But Text Messages: Preaching God's Word in a Smartphone World, edited by John Tucker, was different. I read it over the course of three flights in the past seven days - and it held me to the end, without it being John Grisham.

Just to add - this John Tucker is not the one of John Tucker Must Die movie-fame - nor is he the one that authored Twelve Doors to Ecstasy.  Ah yes, rarely has a google-search for a name brought me such pleasure! This John Tucker is merely the principal at Carey Baptist College in New Zealand, director of their School of Preaching (out of which this book emerged) ... and he is also my (second) cousin!

One other matter to get out of the way at the outset is that I wrote a little …

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