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a crazy jealousy

I laughed. I would have laughed even more if the theatre had been filled with Singaporean-Chinese people, rather than Indians. That would have been great fun.

Crazy Rich Asians is a comedy. We watched the sanitised version, with India's censor adding bleeps/blobs and deleting scenes (probably - how am I to know, really?). Still, we managed to get the gist of the movie.

Three days later the laughter is lost in a sadness.
I can't shake it - and so I thought I'd write about it.
Good therapy.

See, near the centre of the plot is a group of ugly women. They are arrogant and intolerant. They are 'obsessed with prestige and pride'. They are riddled with fear and anxiety about their public image and standing in society. Their view of the world is family-first and class-based. Keeping people out, rather than welcoming people in, is the instinct. Oh yes, don't let me forget it, they are also 'crazy rich' - as in impossibly rich to these eyes.

Like I say, they are …

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