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people, places (II)

Our North Island road trip followed on immediately from the South Island one. In total, Barby and I shared about our life in India and work with Langham Preaching in 27 different Open Homes, travelling 6565kms over 35 days and sleeping in 23 different beds. We took a short break (to participate in Langham's annual week of international meetings, via zoom!) and now, later today, we start again with a run of 7 Open Homes here in Auckland over the next ten days. It has been exhausting, but so worthwhile. We are grateful to God for so many friends who continue to stand with us and for safety as we travelled.But back to the North Island road trip. Here are some people and places...

We had to alter the timing of the North Island road trip because of the Covid outbreak in Auckland ... and so, unintentionally, we stumbled exactly into the timing of the school holidays. It meant that some families were away, but on other occasions it brought children into the Open Homes. We loved it.

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