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a movie, a play - and a peace

The critics tend to hate it, but then I'm not one to let Rotten Tomatoes tell me what to think. Those who lived through the events tend to be annoyed by it - but then don't they see that the 'based on actual events' is modified even further by 'this story imagines' those events?

All I can say is that my heart was strangely moved by it.

The Journeyis about two enemies in an intractable conflict stuck in a car together, as they drive from St Andrews to Edinburgh airport. They are coerced into working out their differences in that confined space. We watch a relationship being established as a conversation develops around learning to listen to each other - with a little facilitation by the driver of the car. It is about Ian Paisley and Martin McGuinness, representing the two sides of the Irish conflict which so defined terrorism and civil war for so long. I found myself drawn back into the conflict - and into Wikipedia - for a deeper understanding of what happened.

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