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the tour guide beckons

I am almost 60 years of age.

Just time for one more job before I retire.

What will it be?

Easy peasy.

What about becoming a travel agent cum tour guide, taking people around India? That'll do just fine.

I started working on my CV this week, by finding all the posts on this blog that capture photos/trips within India. Nineteen in total. Yikes.

That is a bit much for a portfolio and so I've decided to settle on a 'first eleven' - in no particular order:

On 10 November 2013, it is the most viewed post (out of 628) over my fifteen years of blogging and it tells the story of taking Barby 'on a date to Chennai' to pick up our luggage.
On 22 January 2011, it is one of the early trips, this time with all our children, and some of the 'images that stick' as we make memories together in the land of their parents/grandparents/great-grandparents.
On 19 September 2014, it is an early trip here in the South, something we never did as two kids growing up in the North…

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