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twelve paragraphs to bring home

"What do you bring back with you from the global church?" This was a question asked of me six months ago. I've been thinking about the answers ever since. What follows is a  personal  and  general  response. I am not trying to defend a thesis, nor am I trying to gather all the exceptions. This is simply how it has been for me, nothing more. This is what the global church has taught me, one paragraph at a time. I've been so grateful for this decade of change in my life. [NB: By 'over there', I am referring, primarily, to rural, grassroots communities and students across South Asia among whom Barby and I have lived and worked (although the rest of Asia and Africa and Latin America have been great teachers as well). By 'o ver here', I am referring, primarily, to Christian communities in my homeland of Aotearoa-New Zealand (although Christians in countries like Australia, the UK, the USA are also in my thoughts)]. 1. Spirituality: let God be God Over ther

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