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the least of these

It won't win an Oscar, but nor is it cringe Christian cinema.

The Least of Theseisthe story of the martyrdom of Graham Staines and his two boys, Philip and Timothy, and it is well worth watching. The decision to build the plot around a journalist, played convincingly by Sharman Joshi (of Bollywood's The Three Idiots fame), seeking to find evidence of inducement in the conversion of tribal people, was a good decision. I was surprised by how little time the Staines' character was on the screen and when he was, it was as a gracious, gentle and compassionate person. Another good decision. The plot had some unexpected twists which is where I became emotionally engaged with the story. The cinematography took us into the beauty of rural India, while the portrayal of life in that rural India, where I was raised thirty years earlier, looked authentic to me.

But yes, you could argue that there is too little tension in the first half and too much sentimentality in the second half. Ye…

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