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a burning in my bones

'On June 5, 2001, Eugene scratched the final sentence...' (242). On this very day, twenty years ago, Peterson's ten year project,  The Message,  was completed. So I thought I'd engage with the recent authorized biography of Peterson — Winn Collier's A Burning in My Bones — on this day. I love The Message. Although I may never read my Bible passage publically from it prior to preaching and although it is full of colloquialisms that do not always travel well across cultures, it must be at least ten years since I preached a sermon without consulting it. If literal translations help me be accurate with the passage and dynamic equivalent translations help me explain the passage — then paraphrases, like The Message, help me be imaginative with the passage. As one who preaches, I value all three approaches. The biography presses into many of the topics you'd expect to be covered... The Metaphors The Poet-Peterson created his share of metaphors. I love this part of his

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