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black preachers motivate

With the training of preachers as my vocation, and in seeking a more personal way in which to engage with Black Lives Matter, I decided to turn to the African-American preaching tradition in order to listen and learn - again.
Martin Luther King Jr,Henry Mitchell and Robert C. Smith Jr have all featured in my own journey at different points. I've eyed Richard Lischer's The Preacher King(on the impact of MLK's preaching) on my shelf for some years, but that shelf is in India, bearing the weight of my 200+ other precious books on preaching! So I settled on Gardner Taylor, who died on Easter Sunday, 2015, and who was once referred to as The Last Pulpit Prince. I took a deep breath and plunged into Jared Alcántara's book, coming out of his PhD dissertation, entitled Crossover Preaching. Originally from Lousiana, Taylor completed his seminary work at Oberlin, in Ohio, and after a couple of pastorates, he spent 42 years at Concord Baptist Church in Brooklyn, New York. 


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