agonda beach

Trip Advisor rates it 22nd in their latest 'best beaches in the world' list, 3rd in Asia and ahead of anything in Australia and New Zealand (hmmm?!) - but we didn't know that until after we arrived here for a few days away together. It is Agonda Beach in Goa - and it is spectacular.

Here is the view from our little beachfront cottage:

The beach is 3km long - here is looking from the north and then the south ends of the beach:

I love the boats of Goa. I could take photos of them all day long. One thing I enjoy is the way their names reflect the plurality of religions in this former (Catholic) Portugese colony...

One morning we were woken before dawn by a barking dog. Eventually the cause of the commotion became clear. A turtle had come ashore to lay its eggs, just 20 meters from our cottage ... and then off it waddled back to the ocean.

The next morning I discovered that I had become a celebrity. I had made it into The Goan newspaper. That is me in the top right hand corner of the photo:

As always, the signs that inhabit the bazaars of India bring great joy - for all sorts of reasons. Here is just a sample. One can only imagine the impact of a '9-11 Super Store'. My favourite is 'spacial food'. Had a fair bit of that experience in my time in India...

For us it was a time for reading. I may have been in Goa, but my imagination was a long way away - in Afghanistan - after devouring another Dalrymple masterpiece ... (now with a little review here).

... eating dinners on the beach ...

... (with the coastline facing the west), enjoying the sunsets ...

... and even watching some cricket. The Sandy Feet (not to be confused with The Deep Fine Leg) was the neighbouring establishment. Not only did they enjoy playing a little cricket on the sand, using their menu as a wicket, they had a TV inside where we watched one of NZ's finest ever victories - over India no less ... and then a victory over Australia as well, just three days later.

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a selfie in the setting sun


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