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It is always great to be back in Delhi. On this visit I decided to make a different pilgrimage. When we first moved here in 1970, Delhi Bible Fellowship (later to be pastored by my future father-in-law, Charles Warren) was just getting started. There were different congregations around the city and then a combined service on Sunday evenings - in Constantia Hall, at the YWCA in New Delhi.

We lived in Old Delhi. I was 11 years of age. Every Sunday evening my folks would pack us all into a Morris Oxford taxi for the trip to church. A fervent Canadian pastor-evangelist would lead the services. He still receives our newsletters. I owe him a great deal. Thank-you, Uncle Murray. He often gave strong appeals at the end of his gospel-centered messages - and I often responded. He 'saw my hand (while every head was bowed and every eye closed)' on many occasions, even though he may not remember.

While I do not have a dramatic testimony with a lightning-strike conversion experience that took me from the darkest night to the brightest noon - as I get older, I am increasingly grateful for the gracious dawning of the day which took over my heart. Slowly and securely, my heart turned towards God and I have been kept by Christ in the power of the Spirit ever since.

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SMax said…
The older I get the more I remember with affection those who have made a real difference in the often bumpy road of discipleship. God is surely at work in people around us, as well as in us. These folks are mostly older, but not always ... some of them are even younger than me . Their extent of their impact often dawns many many years later. And, as well as remembering with affection, there's a thankfulness to God - my 'glass darkly' is His 20/20, as always.
Paul Windsor said…
My one regret is that I didn't take you to see this little place. I really thought it would be long gone by now.
Abbacars said…
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