tawharanui (nz)

A wedding. A visa. A birth.

Barby and I are back in New Zealand for three purposes. My niece's wedding was last Saturday in Matakana and I had the privilege of taking the service. Then on the next day we sneaked a visit to one of the celebrated beaches in New Zealand which I had yet to visit. Tawharanui.

After living in the squallor of Bangalore (a city that has doubled in size in the last decade - and now sits at almost 10 million) and being seduced by the beauty of England on a couple of recent visits, it was lovely to experience New Zealand at its finest.

It is July. Mid-winter in the southern hemisphere. In the midst of a bitterly cold southerly weather pattern. But still the kids stripped off and jumped in and swam to shore.

Just a shame about the motel in which we stayed with its ridiculous sign on the wall.

That rules out most of the world. Good work. Back to Tourism 101 methinks.
Now the attention turns to a visa and a birth.

nice chatting



Jagger Noas said…
I’ve had a couple of events at this location. The only thing that would have made the guys at banquet halls in Chicago better would have been better communication in the earlier planning stages, but it all worked out great in the end.

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