first eleven: most ignored

'That's a bit over the top, isn't it, Paul?' Most ignored. Yes, it probably is. But I wanted to keep the 'most' going and so saying 'least read' didn't fit. Plus this is more than posts that were not read much. This is the second eleven for 'most important'. These are posts that were not read much (less than 100 'views') and which I could have included in the 'most important' list. Here goes:

'12th man'    ppk governance
With apologies to the Psalms - 'taste and see that good governance is good.' When you have so tasted, it is so hard to be satisfied with anything less. In my experience, the goodness starts here.

#11    what works
Over the space of a few weeks I had the privilege of seeing the fruit of effective mission work, over the decades, up close and personal. I gathered the common denominators before I lost them.

#10    offense and defense

I am always up for the challenge of a little juxtaposition between the world of sports and the biblically faithful missional life to which Jesus calls us. This may be the most important comparison of all.

#9    ted, steve, paul
Having had the privilege of living in different cultures, the flaws in my own home culture seem more obvious. The born and bred Kiwi hates me talking like this - nevertheless, still they should listen.

#8     first eleven: worship leading and worship wars
I don't sing. I don't play. Today that pretty much disqualifies me from an opinion on worship worth hearing. But I do blog and opinionated opinion is something that I definitely do have.

#7     epuni and stoke
I love the local church. Always have. Always will. There is something alluring about smaller churches growing healthier and deeper (and larger!) by sticking to doing things God's way - and being patient.

#6     a leadership resolution
         learning about leading (I) and learning about leading (II)
         leadership imperatives (part one) and leadership imperatives (part two)
5-in-1. Oops. Being principal at Carey Baptist College was my defining experience of leadership. I had to learn a lot in a hurry - and here are reflections before, during, and after this experience.

#5     funeral spirituality
They say the Victorian Age spoke little about sex and lots about death. We are the opposite. Lots about sex and little about death. Here's to being different. Check out mike and tony and god as well.

#4     the story of mission, seat by seat
It is so simple, it is almost silly. And yet it is a little picture that comes to mind again and again as I move between cultures, trying to find the balance between proactivity and reactivity.

#3     the mistake of maturity
Assuming what should be articulated, building the fifth floor without having a ground floor in place - ahh, this is a behavioural disorder too common among senior leaders, like pastors and lecturers.

#2     what does it mean to be a christian?
Speaking of being a Christian in terms of 'following Jesus' is true (of course it is), but it is not true enough. It is incomplete (at best) and sub-biblical (at worst) - and this has its implications.

#1     fear and fear
Can there be a biblical word that is used in such contrasting ways - and yet with both meanings having such significance on the understanding of the spiritual life? I think not.  

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