a mother's plea

My dearest son, I must speak to you.

Life has caused a reversal
But my sacrifice remains.

This is what you are doing.
This is what I have done.

You threaten me with harm.
I threatened those who harmed you.

You gain by forcing me to go hungry.
I chose to go hungry for your gain.

Your hands slapped my cheeks.
My hands stroked your cheeks.

You sell my home so that you have excess.
I sold my excess so that you had a home.

You leave me in filth that I cannot clean.
I cleaned the filth that you left.

You take my money before I die.
I will freely give it to you when I die.

You destroy peace with words against your mother.
I mothered you with words that made peace.


I will not speak out.
I will not be left alone.

This is what I ask.
This is my plea.

Your life depended on me.
Let me depend on you.

I saw the future in you.
See the past in me.

  Bethany Windsor

This is a poem written by my daughter on the abuse of the elderly. Take time to read it slowly - and aloud.


Anonymous said…
Such pathos. Beautiful work Bethany!

(Cousin) Josh
Ben said…
Very very nice Bethany!

Paul said…
on the very day she was coaxed into reading this poem to us, bethany also discovered her first citation in an academic journal ... the scholar:poet :)

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