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And so when I come across a you-tube video clip to use in this blog, what do I do?

I click on share and then I select embed. The identity of the video clip comes up as a series of letters and numbers. I cut and paste this into my post. I click save, releasing the clip to have a destiny in my blog. And then I select publish and the clip becomes known to a wider audience.

It sounds a bit like the Christmas story to me.

God decides to share, or give, his son to us. He embeds Jesus, or incarnates him, in human flesh to live in this world - filling him with a new identity (check out Mark 1-8). He clicks save, releasing Jesus to fulfill a destiny in this world (check out Mark 9-16). What happens next? My life - like countless others down through the centuries and across the time zones, becomes absorbed in publishing, making this Jesus known.

Here, let me give you the most exquisite example from the St Paul's church, here in Auckland (New Zealand).

nice chatting this Christmas day



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