the undefended leader continues

Regular readers of this blog might remember my enthusiasm for the books by Simon Walker known as "the undefended leader" trilogy. I have posted lengthy blogs on each of the three books here, here, and here.

This morning I received an email from Simon Walker. Here are some extracts:

"Over the past six months I have written the draft of my new book, The Undefended Life. It's a substantial text addressing what an undefended life actually looks like ... it is the most radical, challenging piece of writing I have ever produced.

I am in conversation with a conventional publisher about production of a print version of the book to come out in early 2011. But the publishing world is changing rapidly; authors also need to take different routes to reach their audiences. I've decided therefore, that I am going to publish most of the full text of the book on this blog. The plan is to release a chapter every week, so that the book in total will be revealed over 17 consecutive weeks.

Obviously, the blog is freely available to anyone - so effectively I am giving my book away. Why have I decided to do this?

For one thing, paper is getting expensive - let's not print things people aren't going to read. For another, we live Post-Borders; booksellers are quaking - the internet generation increasingly demands content for free ... But at a more philosophical level, by publishing my book on the web, I am inviting a collaborative editing process to take place. Text is now fluid; the web affords the opportunity for me to listen to you, and for you to be involved in the formation of a final text. Collaborative writing platforms such as Wiki have opened our eyes to the way of generating knowledge collectively. Whilst my book is not a text to be openly edited, it is a text to be openly commented on. And I will then revise the text accordingly. At some stage, I will close the blog and crystallise the final text into a solid form ... When The Undefended Life becomes such an object, I hope your hand will have played a part in its formation, and I hope you will also want to buy a copy!"

An exciting and risky sort of project.
I encourage you to subscribe to the blog and be part of the conversation - and the eventual book.

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