camel, elephant, buffalo

I am in South Asia at the moment. Lahore in Pakistan and now Colombo in Sri Lanka.

While living in this region can have its frustrations, God gave the clues on how to survive when he placed certain animals here.

Camel. Elephant. Buffalo.

There is something about the slowish pace, the undistracted persistence, and the rhythmic patience in the gait of these indestructibly solid animals which suggests how to survive in South Asia.

As soon as my airplane touches down in this part of the world I go through my little mantra - "camel, elephant, buffalo" - as I look to change the gait by which I live.

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not a wild hera said…
Ooh, I really like this!

Also, I'm still turning over your cafe/hospitality post in my mind. Very convicting and thought-provoking!

My initial thought is that it is to do with having 'enough time', so kind of related to this post too.

But I'm preaching on 'enough time' at the moment, so maybe I just have it on the brain :)
Paul said…
That's a fantastic insight, Paul, much like the 'images that speak' on the Kiwimade site.
I wonder what animals would best capture the way to 'be' in other nations - including our own?
Do you mutter 'pukeko sheepdog pukeko sheepdog' as Auckland appears through the clouds?
Paul said…
... and I am in Hong Kong for Chinese New Year (as it happens) and am still working on the animal which fits and helps here! It ain't the tiger, even though it is the Year of the Tiger.

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