the final book

John Stott's 51st - and final - book has been published.

Mark Meynell, a current member of the All Soul's staff and a fine preacher (and blogger!) himself, has written a wonderful review of The Radical Disciple here.

[By the way, "Uncle John" is the loving and respectful way in which those who know him well refer to him. It doesn't flow off my tongue quite so easily as it makes me feel like an imposter - but it is a delightful tradition that reminds me of my Indian childhood with all its 'uncles' and 'aunties'. Even today I purr inside when my childrens' Indian friends refer to me just as 'Uncle'...]

nice chatting



Myk Habets said…
I am not sure I purr inside but being here in India at the moment I am called uncle by the young children too and it is a really nice tradition that brings a warm smile to my face, even if I do think I am too young to be uncle...
Paul said…
I have enjoyed your FB photos and updates from India, Myk. Sounds like you are having a great time adding many nieces and nephews!

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