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If these billboards from Britain are coming to a bus near you, head for Ecclesiastes and preach your little heart out.

I'd start with expounding the text on the side of the bus ... then I'd go to the sympathetic approval of such a text in the early chapters of Ecclesiastes ... before going to those supreme chapters at the end - 11 & 12 - where the bus-text is slam-dunked and snookered, cornered and trumped.

And then live your life like Ecclesiastes 11 and 12 is true. Behind the "you do not knows" of chapter 11 (which encourage us to live adventuresome, risky lives) lies the God to be feared and obeyed of chapter 12. And that is the way to enjoy life...

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Noel said…
I want to spray an addition to their sign "Yeah Right!"
Ben Carswell said…
Thanks for encouraging, thoughtful & helpful blogging (yet again!) Mr W!

I've been reading & musing on Ecclesiastes in my Quiet Times of late - I'd like to use it with students. I've been reading along with Derek Kidner's BST commentary. Just wondering if there's another commentary or two that you would recommend?
Paul said…
My own work on Ecclesiastes is a little dated now - but I remember loving a 60pg contribution from Kathleen Farmer, Who Knows What is Good? (Eerdmans, 1991). I like Michael Eaton in the Tyndale series too.
My own view is that there is a positive message to preach and that it is NOT just a tract on the absurdity of life. I'd also consult Tremper Longman in the NICOT series.
Keep an eye out for Robert K. Johnston, Useless Beauty (Baker, 2004) where the relationship between Ecclesiastes and contemporary film.
Many, many years ago I preached through Ecclesiastes at a TSCF conference, opening it alongside an opening of the NIKE 'just do it' philosophy.

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Mark Maffey said…
Some commentaries that may be worthwhile:

NICOT - Tremper Longman

NIV Application Commentary - Iain Provan

Daily Study Bible (DSB) - Robert Davidson

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