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While on the subject of major influences in my life...

Dave and Angie Andrews (based now in Brisbane) came to live with us in New Delhi when I was barely a teenager. They view my parents as kinda like surrogate parents so I guess that makes them kinda like surrogate siblings - and they've been a big influence over the years.

They've launched a new project calling the church back to the Be-Attitudes in the Sermon on the Mount.

Here is a bit of a promo...

[NB: enter "Plan be: Blessed" into the youtube search engine and you can find the video on each beattitude]

Dave has sent the whole package across. Seriously - if you have any influence over decisions about resources being used in small groups in your orbit, I urge you to take a look at this option. There are full study-guides for each beattitude, supported by short readings from a book written by Dave as well as a DVD which contains street-chat with random people on the meaning of each beattitude. It all looks inexpensive (but professional) and accessible and interactive and practical ... not to mention prophetic!

[I am a bit out of the 'loop' now for resources like this, so apologies if everyone already knows about this one - and I am just a bit slow!]

nice chatting



not a wild hera said…
Thanks for that, Paul, the material looks great.

I'm always looking for accessible, high quality, theologically appropriate small group materials; I'd be interested to hear what else your readers have used and would recommend...?


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