Friday, July 17, 2009

langham delights

It is not every year that you can spend consecutive weeks in places as diverse as the Solomon Islands and Pakistan (with an exactly 50hr door-to-door trip in between!). But that is what Langham Preaching gave me the opportunity to do - and here are my favourite photos:

rembrandt in honiara

gender-specific open-air collaborative learning

"it is a truth universally acknowledged ..." that children are beautiful

the other incarnation

when calligraphy meets sermon
(a participant's proposal for an outline on Amos 3 & 4)

some things never change

nice chatting - well, viewing anyway



Andy said...

love the pics: esp. the top one! :)

Paul said...

you are a hard case, mr shudall!

did i tell you that i like it too? it is just SO like rembrandt.

Paul said...
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Miriam J said...

Paul! Delighted to see your picture of the Bible with the title "The Other Incarnation"! :-)