the best bit of new zealand

The research and publication profile of Carey Baptist College has just reached new heights - well, new sights anyway. The other night Mike Crudge held a book launch for his new book, Abel Tasman Coastal Track: the best bit of New Zealand.

So much of what I have enjoyed about Mike over the years comes through in this book. Firstly, his talent. Here it is his exquisite photography that is on display. Secondly, his entrepreneurial flair. He put this entire project together on his laptop - and the product is both professional and contemporary, just as I would expect from him. Then there is his love for people. Every summer for ten years he has taken people to walk the Abel Tasman with him, introducing them to the 'best bit' of NZ with his own brand of gracious hospitality. Our family were the beneficiaries in 2007. Finally, there is Mike's delight in the creation which God has asked us to steward, a task at which we tend to be very average.

Order your copies (NZD17 + postage) from this website.

While it will be the ideal Christmas present in 2008, I reckon they'll be making coffee tables to put under it in 2009!

nice chatting



Mike Crudge said…
What can I say Paul? except for a big 'thanks'...

I need to point out to your other readers that you feature in the book a couple of times in all of your modelling glory - that alone makes it worth buying...
Paul said…
Why do you think it was that I reckoned it should be sold for $19.95 - and not $17?! :)

Just let me know when you want me to join you for any signing sessions at Whitcoulls or Borders - or at the end of the track! :) :)
Anonymous said…
as for coffee tables... now THAT has got potential!


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