Thursday, May 01, 2008

before and after

I am enjoying some sabbatical leave for the purpose of completing my DMin thesis. Along with making it a writing-sabbatical I am trying to reclaim the biblical understanding of sabbatical by grafting better rest and balance into my life. One such area is physical exercise. I am climbing a "mountain" in the middle of most days and visiting the gym once a week.

Just as an additional accountability measure for myself I thought I'd post a "before" photo from when I started sabbatical ... and then an "after" photo when I am finished. I hope my progress will be obvious to all.

Here is the "before" photo:

I think I better go climb my mountain for the day...

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Mark Maffey said...

So the House of Windsor is looking to downsize. It's interesting how even the management guru's are pointing towards the need for a balanced lifestyle that includes physcial, spiritual, educational and social components,Stephen Covey's book the 8th Habit is well worth a sabbatical read.

Interestingly the Bible points toward the need for such balance in Luke 2 v 52 we read "Jesus grew in stature and wisdom, and in favour with God and Men. This verse is the basis for the four sided programme of Boy's and Girl's Brigade. The principles and life education behind these organisations are one's that need to be re-emphasized, BB celebrates 125 years service this year. Hopefully they will succeed in achieving another 125years.

Good luck in your targeting of the Gym. I have taken the step of accountability via weight watchers to deal with the Spare tyres I have been carrying, so far I have lost 14.4% of my original body weight, (15.2kgs) but there is more yet to achieve.

As another Paul puts it, not that I already attained, but I press on toward the goal!

Nigel said...

Hi Paul.
I've just joined the gym too and am looking to reduce my calories and downsize a bit too. Tipped the scales at 90 the other day and deceide it was time (not to mention that I am 40 in less than a month and my wife wants me to live a long life).
Must be the year of the downsize.