a first eleven: golf

In the aftermath of a remarkably high-scoring Master's tournament from Augusta in Georgia

[where I once inadvertently drove through the unimpressive front gates, up to the club house, walked into the lobby ... confronted by a security guard with "what are you doing in here?" ... "I came to have a look" ... "this is a private club" ... "Oh, really - I am from New Zealand!" ... at that point my beating heart propelled me back to my car (after a quick look down the fairway!) and on towards the front gates ... confronted on the driveway by a security car emitting all kinds of sounds and furies from within as well as "we are just about to call the cops" ... after a muffled "gee, the gates were wide open" I was outta there],

I have been drawn again to one of my favourite past times: tracking the names of American golfers. Now there is not a lot you can do about a surname, but what were parents' thinking when the following names were dreamed up - or the nicknames were allowed to continue?

Without further ado here are my 'first eleven' favourite golfer names:

#11 Duffy Waldorf
#10 Bubba Watson
#9 Fuzzy Zoeller
#8 Davis Love III
#7 Ty Tyron
#6 Rocco Mediate
#5 Tripp Isenhour
#4 Tag Ridings
#3 Briny Baird
#2 Bo van Pelt
#1 Boo Weekley

nice chatting

Paul Royston Windsor


Tim said…
Thats quite a random past time. Pro golfer or not, Royston is still the coolest by far.
Alex said…
That's hilarious - both the story and the list
Paul Windsor said…
If I am going to 'enjoy' other people's names, I felt I needed to 'fess up with my 'interesting' middle name. I see you noticed this, Tim. Good spotting!

It is my Grandpa's name - born on 2nd April 1897 and every year on that day I send birthday greetings to my mum. I like having his name. Sure is better than Duffy or Tag or Boo ...
Paul Windsor said…
Please someone get the drum-roll going ... guess who won the latest tournament on the PGA Tour? Just today...

My #1 golf name: Boo Weekley!

There's magic in this blog, I tell ya

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