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let's get really radical

The generation that came after me tends to impress me more than the babyboomer one that went before me. Speaking very generally, and yet observing it repeatedly, their hearts seem to be turned towards the world more radically. For me it started when we hosted a young adults' home group for almost a decade. Their questions. Their commitments. Refreshingly different. It is the generation of our own children, who played their part in bringing this orientation to the world into our family.

The issues they raise multiply. Unfair trade. Gender inequality. Colonialism. Trafficked children. Climate change. While I do wish more of them were concerned about abortion, as one of the great acts of injustice in the world's margins, those who can't get themselves concerned about any thing other than abortion are a bigger worry. The common denominator? Issues of justice. A heart for the margins. Garth Hewitt, Amos, Isaiah and Jesus had a fair bit to do with it - but so did this generatio…

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