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Amos. First Peter. Two of my favourite biblical books through which to preach.

Doing so, however, creates tension inside me. Amos is a sustained attack by God, through his prophet, on the presence of injustice among the nations of the world - and especially within His people, Israel. It is unrelenting. It is blistering. God is so ticked, so angry. He hates injustice. It is only in the final few verses of the final chapter that we get some relief. In 1 Peter, Peter writes to scattered believers who are suffering unjustly for Jesus' sake under an oppressive Roman regime. Probably not martyrdom yet, but certainly harassment, abuse and marginalisation. In the middle chapters of the letter he calls them to submit. The S-word is there. It can't be massaged into 'stand up for your rights' in some way. Nor can it be deleted, simply because the motivation to submit is linked directly to the example of Christ himself.

A blistering attack on a totally unacceptable injustice. Rep…

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