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four by four

Over the years of writing this blog I have avoided posting links to sermons I've preached. It doesn't suit the genre to which I have been committed - namely, 'nice chatting'. This blog is about chatting away to myself about things I am 'unpacking' around me. I do this for my own benefit, helping to keep my mind critical and creative - but I also love to resource others and so I let them peek over my shoulder as I do so.

With this post, I thought I'd make a quiet little exception. Over the years there are two talks which I have given which seem to have 'hit the spot' and sparked ongoing conversations with people. Both talks originated with efforts to help youth pastors in New Zealand engage more fully with the Bible.

I call one of them The Four ChairsI posted on this one just a few months ago. It has expanded over the years, but basically it is an interactive way to tell the biblical story - and then to understand it and live in it as well, as the…

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