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the big bees

I don't often have the opportunity to wander through a pentecostal megachurch, but I did so yesterday. I was arrested by this bold, beautiful affirmation of biblical truth adorning different walls within the sprawling church buildings. So compelling.

I've been here before on this blog, twelve years ago (with such helpful additional comments from others), discussing the right order for 'believe, belong, behave'. On that occasion, Baptist churches in New Zealand were on my mind. It was so common for people to affirm that the order should be 'belong-believe-behave'. What?! How is it possible for the New Testament to sustain that order? Here is a little extract of what I wrote back then...
If I understand the way the word 'belonging' is used today, it is a community word. If people are to believe, they first need to feel like they belong. It is all about relationships. The crucial step in evangelism is creating a sense of community before there is too much …

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