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white on green

I have this fascination with the history of cricket in South Asia.

"WOW - way to go, Paul. Great opening line. You've just lost 99% of your readers."

"But doesn't speaking from out of our passion tend to gain us an audience?"

"Well, yes ... but cricket? ... and cricket in South Asia? That is asking a lot of people."

Too bad. I am going to keep going.

Two of the best sports books that I have ever read are Ramachandra Guha's A Corner of a Foreign Field and Peter Oborne's Wounded Tiger. It may not surprise you that I have reviewed both of them, here and here. Nor might it surprise you that they are both about ... drum roll, please ... the history of cricket in South Asia.

Now, can you imagine my unalloyed joy, strolling through Hyderabad airport last month after a heavy week - when my eyes settle on another book with Oborne's name on the cover and a title which picks up the final chapter of the book mentioned above: White on Green(a clev…

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