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When I am invited to speak somewhere, I find that if a topic, or approach, fills the imagination quickly, then this is usually God graciously at work in me. He plants an idea in my mind and by doing so confirms to me the rightness of saying 'yes'. When I say 'no', it is often because God has not done any planting...

Twelve months ago I was asked to put together a day-long seminar for the Carey School of Preaching back home in New Zealand. Immediately an idea came to mind: merging the Stottian phrase I've heard more often than any other in the last decade (working with Langham internationally) with the Stottian sentence I quoted more often than any other in the earlier two decades (working in theological education in New Zealand).

The phrase is 'double listening' (to Word and World). The sentence is 'the secret of preaching is not so much mastering certain techniques, but being mastered by certain convictions.' Merging this phrase and this sentence …

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