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the knife and the arrow

It is always good to have a growing edge.

When I first ventured into the world of preaching, the passion was to be bible-based. It still is the passion. To work in such a way that the content and purpose of the text becomes the content and purpose of the sermon. That's it. But as I became more acquainted with preaching from the Old Testament and with narrative, I added another criterion: being theocentric. That is, to look for God in the passage and build the sermon around him and what he is doing, rather than around the people who look like me in the passage.

It is fair to say that these two criteria - bible-based and theocentric - have been part of the journey for me for some decades. But now, in this most recent decade I've tried to add a third growing edge. I used to use the word 'christocentric' - but the better word is christotelic, where '-telic' conveys the idea of the destination, or the goal, or the end. Twenty-five years ago, in the week following a…

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